Professional & Responsible travel

Ava, your personal cicerone*


As a qualified tourist guide in the Campania area, Italy, each of my visits and tours is based on university knowledge and college studies, continue learning and long professional practice.


To work on the tourism field it was a child instinct, enthusiasm & creative spirit.


In a smooth and bespoke way the offered excursions & visits, guide you to:

- inspiration,

-a memorable experience of the areas, the masterpieces, the local culture, and culinary traditions.


Me, together with the colleagues of the team, in these challenging times, allows you to:

- save time,

- gain quality and advanced services

for an enjoyable, careless and relaxing journey.


Cherish the Naples' Bay & beyond!




*since centuries the tourist guides for learning and eloquence, are named cicerone after the orator Marcus Tullius Cicero